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AXVIEW help Venezuela for City Surveillance
With the constant development of market economy and speeding of the industrialization, people, materials, information are relatively concentrated in the city. Only to make every city become a safer place, the national security situation of the production will be improved fundamentally. Venezuela recently cooperates with china to build a new line of safe city.
This is wide range cooperation, both from the city road to residential areas, or from the city square to the coastline, AXIEW constantly communicate with customers and develop a reasonable monitoring safe city program according to local conditions and detailed requirements.
Requirement 1: City Main Avenue, Urban Main Avenue, and city roads and so on. And it should have a good image at night.
AXVIEW choose Megapixel high resolution cameras, with a DVR recording system so that managers can effectively monitor the entire road conditions. Effectively to know traffic conditions, thus facilitating the coordination and management of the traffic. This kind of cameras are with ICR function, so that the cameras even at night can present a clear picture, do not miss any corners.
Requirement 2: monitoring city square, urban neighborhoods.
City is an important place for living. Against the feature of city, AXVIEW choose high resolution PTZ cameras. With 36X zoom lens, managers can get more picture details. Users can do network remote monitoring for the areas, and can remotely obtain recording data within the limit of authority. If required, customers can ask for expanding audio function. Users can talk at the PC side to scene cameras for real time preventing criminal behavior purpose.
Requirements 3: trading market, coastline surveillance, monitoring yacht district
Market personnel, a large flow of people, using the AX-6630BRF5 IP IR cameras can effectively organize the market order, and assist the relevant departments to strengthen law and order. As to the coastline area, people are relatively dispersed. The accident is not easy to be found. AXVIEW IP High Speed Dome is undoubtedly the best choice. Administrators can view the real time images by AX-6607CE/36. Even for various contingencies can be found and disposed in time. At the same time, the yacht along the coast region can be monitored, to deter or to obtain evidence of the role of criminals, to prevent property damage. 
Currently the project has been fully completed. After the training provided by AXVIEW, local Venezuela technical staffs have completely mastered the complete operation of the system and debugging.
Since the opening of the megapixel surveillance system, in the face of the convenience and benefit, Venezuela customers happy to say that “AXVIEW product is good, it brings us much help for our work.

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