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  • 1/2.8" Sony progressive scanning Exmor CMOS 
  • Support Auto iris, auto focus, auto white balance, BLC and low illumination (Color/Black and white (auto)/ Manual transfer function 
  • With precision motor drive, it is more sensitive,rotation is more stable, accuracy deviation is less then 0.1 degree, there is no any image shaking in rotating with any speed 
  • Support multi-language manual and operation prompt functions 
  • Support data memory in power-off condition 
  • Support memory function in power-off function, and PTZ and camera will return back to original condition when it is power on. 
  • Support anti-lighting、anti-surge function 
  • Outdoor model can reach IP66 waterproof grade 

PTZ Function: 

  • Horizontal 360°continually rotation, vertical-5°-90°rotation, no spotting blind district 
  • Horizontal preset speed can reach 300°/s, vertical preset speed can reach 200°/s 
  • Horizontal manipulation speed can be 0.2°~250°/s, vertical manipulation speed can be 0.2°~150°/s 
  • Support 220 presets, and with preset points video locked function 
  • Support 4 cruising scanning, each can be added 27 presets 
  • Support 4 pattern scanning, total recording not less than 3mins 
  • Support 4 horizontal scanning 
  • Support proportion variable zoom function, rotation speed can be adjusted according to lens zoom changing 
  • Support keep-watching function, preset point/pattern scanning/cruising scanning/auto scanning all can be call automatically after setting period in free point 
  • Support alarm function, built-in 1ch alarm input and 1ch alarm output, support alarm linkage, and it can be call preset/ cruise scanning/pattern scanning/ SD card scanning/ Trigger switch output after alarm is triggered 

Application condition:

  • Widely applied in all kinds of occasions where need wide-range high definition monitoring, like river, forest, highway, railway, airport, harbor, oil field, sentry, square, park, scenic,street, station, large venues, plot and so on