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Speaker without sound

Reason 1: Without connecting Audio input. Answer: Checking the Audio connection. Reason 2: Without choosing the option of Audio in IP Camera. Answer: Checking the Audio parameter of IP Camera, choosing the option of Audio.... Date:May 22,2013

Can’t visit IP Camera via IE browser?

Reason 1: Internet offline. Answer: If it is an error of network connection, do the following steps: Connect PC to network to test whether they work normally or not. Reason 2: IP Address was taken by other device. Answer: Cut off the connec... Date:May 22,2013

Why fail to logon to IP Camera after upgrade through IE Brow

Download Installation Download ActiveX Control compressed package from the IP Camera address. Then close the IE browser. Answer: Delete the caching of Browser. Operation: find the tool of browser---Internet options---Internet temporary file... Date:May 22,2013

No ActiveX in IE Browser (IP Camera)

Reason:Uninstall ActiveX. Answer:You need to install ActiveX Control when you visit IP Camera for the first time. You can install ActiveX Control in two ways: (1) Auto-Installation You need to lower the security level of the IE temporar... Date:May 22,2013

What shall I do if IP Camera can’t restart after it is upgr

Answer: Firstly, press the RESET on the IP Camera back panel, plug in the IP Camera and unloose the RESET. After 12 seconds, the system will run backup programs. (The backup programs include upgrading and parameter settings. The functions o... Date:May 22,2013

Forget the Password of IP Camera

Answer:【RESET】on the IP Camera back, press it to retrieve all parameter to default (Factory Setting). Note:please don't press 【RESET】if you are not professional.... Date:May 22,2013

Client software-How to enable 3D position

Client software-How to enable 3D position... Date:May 22,2013

IP Camera Factory default parameters

IP Address: Administrator Name:admin Password: admin Subnet Mask: Gateway: Web Port: 80 DHCP: OFF DDNS: OFF... Date:May 22,2013
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