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Can’t visit IP Camera via IE browser?

Date:May 22, 2013Source:未知 View:

Reason 1: Internet offline.
Answer: If it is an error of network connection, do the following steps: Connect PC to network to test whether they work normally or not.
Reason 2: IP Address was taken by other device.
Answer: Cut off the connection of IP Camera and network, connect IP Camera and PC, then set IP address again according to recommendatory operation.
Reason 3: IP address lies in different subnet?
Answer: Check the IP and subnet mask, test the settings of gateway.
Reason 4: The physical address of network conflict with IP Camera?
Answer: please modify the physical address of IP Camera.
Reason 5: The web port is modified by others?
Answer: please contact administrators of networks to obtain relevant port information.
Reason 6: When the causes can not found。
Answer: please restore IP Camera to default state, and connect IP Camera. (System default IP address:, mask address: