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No ActiveX in IE Browser (IP Camera)

Date:May 22, 2013Source:未知 View:

Reason:Uninstall ActiveX.
Answer:You need to install ActiveX Control when you visit IP Camera for the first time.
You can install ActiveX Control in two ways:
(1) Auto-Installation
You need to lower the security level of the IE temporarily in order to install ActiveX Control into your PC as follows:
 Choose Internet Option: 【tools】→【Internet Option】.
 Click the label of 【Security】 and your current security setting is displayed.

 Set the security level low and click 【apply】.
 Enter your IP Camera address in the IE address line (for example: If you see a dialogue as follows【Do you want to install ActiveX Control】,Please click 【Yes】 and install ActiveX Control.
 Once finished installing your ActiveX Control, retrieve your security setup for default value.
(2) Download Installation
Download ActiveX Control compressed package from the IP Camera address. Then close the IE browser.