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AXVIEW Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

Warmly welcome your valuable comments and suggestions to the products and service of AXVIEW,we will fully analyze your opinions as our guiding of continuous improvement。AXVIEW can not develop without your support,thank you!

You can call our service hotline as well:0755-82916428

Take * of for fill the item necessarily

  Customer info: (please tick in the box for your option)
1.Customer type:
2.Company name of customer:
3.Locating City of customer:
Call Phone
  (To trace the feedback of your comments,please write down the ture contact info)
  5.Have you ever used the products of AXVIEW?
  6.Used or is using the following products:
DVRitem number:
DVRitem number:
Cameraitem number:
Domeitem number:
Centralized storageitem number:
  Investigation part:
  1.What is your impression with appearance of AXVIEW products?
  Your comments or suggestion
  2.What is your comments to the technical characteristics of AXVIEW products?
  Your comments or suggestion:
  3.What is your comments to the quality of AXVIEW products ?
Your comments or suggestion:
  4.Please score the service of AXVIEW
   ①Timeliness of service
   ②Attitude of the service staff
  ③Timeliness of delivery
Your comments or suggestion:
  5.What is your comments to the current market price system of AXVIEW
Your comments or suggestion:
  6.Do you want to know urgently or are interesed in performance and techniques of AXVIEW’s products
  7.Will you attend the free product knowledge traning activities by AXVIEW?
8If you have any other more comments and suggestions to the products、technology、service of AXVIEW, please the form in the below:  

All of your information and answers in this questionnaire will only be used as part of our internal reference,We will guarantee confidentiality of them strictly!

Many thanks again for your comments and suggestions!
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